The future is … grey

I just bought a great new book called B is for Botox, an alphabet book for the middle-aged. I relate to much of it, but especially to this page. What has sent me grey - was it marriage, children or both? Every morning I wake up and see another grey hair. The most annoying part is there's a big patch of them right at the front in the middle of my head ... time for … [Read more...]

Husband training: throw him a bone

I first wrote this for the Gold Coast Bulletin. My training efforts have not progressed well since the time of writing ... on the man or dog front. MOST women will not be surprised to learn that husbands and the family dog apparently have much in common. I’m not making this up – according to British TV Show host Annie Clayton, women would do well to train their husbands … [Read more...]

Onion harvest = very stressed husband

It's onion harvest time and that means I'm living with a ticking time bomb. His name is Richard and on any given day - depending on the weather, the skill of the onion cutters and the price of the onion market - he may explode. I am a veteran onion wife and know how to avoid causing an explosion. Dead giveaways that it's been a bad day in the onion paddock are - abrupt … [Read more...]

Why are sick husbands so painful?

I am into day 11 of my own private hell. That's how long I've been living with a sick husband. Over the past 11 days I have made his doctor's appointments, collected his prescriptions and tended to him to the best of my nursing abilities. Just when I think we're on the homestraight and he's recovering he decides that he's well enough to stop taking the antibiotics and have a … [Read more...]

Wanted: one healthy libido

MANY new mums discover that the arrival of a baby heralds the departure of their sex drive. But don't despair, there's great news this week - you're not alone. Sex and relationships expert Dr Gabrielle Morrissey told me it's a common problem for new mums. She says it can take up to one year for a woman's libido to return after giving birth (I can hear the new dads groaning … [Read more...]