Like father, like son

Our youngest son, James, goes to the local community kindy. As do the sons of two of Mr Bean's vegetable-farmer mates. So it's no surprise that trio gravitate towards each other in the playground. And it's also no surprise that the topic of much of their play is ... farming. Whether it's due to the indoctrination they've had since birth, or it's just because little … [Read more...]

James turns 4

It was a big day in our house yesterday. James turned four. He woke up this morning and asked, 'Am I still four mummy?' Then he wanted to know when he could have another birthday. "Next year darling." He wasn't happy about that. Wants to have another birthday next week. The day began early (as always), baking another cake after the first was attacked by a mystery … [Read more...]

How NOT to wash carrots

Ever wondered how we wash all of the carrots? You'll be happy to hear it's not like this. (Warning: Contains some nudity and a very loud 3-year-old) … [Read more...]

James does his best Matt Preston

Clearly we've been watching way too much Masterchef in our house. Most conversations with the boys are now referenced back to Masterchef. As in ... 'Look mum I'm making a jus like Gary made on Masterchef, so far I've put in pepper, salt, lemon, chopped carrot, grated dog biscuits and some Milo. Don't worry about the mess mum, it's fun.' Here's a picture of James on holidays … [Read more...]

2010 in review

It's fitting that my 2010 year in review is being written on day three of 2011 - it's been that kind of year. Both hectic and challenging, 2010 often left me feeling a few steps behind the pace. We had a stressful start to 2010 when our youngest son, James, then 2, stopped walking. We gained an intimate and forgettable knowledge of the Queensland Health system. … [Read more...]