How young is too young for politics?

“That’s the woman who steals all our money mummy,” my five-year-old announced one night while we watched the news. Umm, I beg your pardon, I said, rather stunned to hear these fighting words from a kid usually focused on Bob the Builder. “There, that woman, the one with the red hair,” he confirmed for me, “she’s a bad lady because she takes all our money.” Indeed he was … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Real World

Attention federal politicians! I’d just like to say helllloooo from out here in the real world. You may have heard of it, you may have lived in it once upon a time. In case you don’t remember much about the real world, I’ll remind you. Out here we work hard. It’s true, we’re going through some tough times at the moment, many of us in business are struggling. Business isn’t … [Read more...]

Think it, don’t say it

'Julia Gillard is stupid.' With those four words my heart sank. I’m not saying I entirely disagree with the sentiment, but it saddens me that they come out of the mouth of my son. He’s seven. Too young to fully comprehend what he was saying. Old enough to repeat, verbatim, everything he hears. It should come as no surprise that in the house of a country born-and-bred farmer … [Read more...]

Sofa journalism at its best

When you're juggling two kids, a busy husband and a couple of businesses it's a bit hard to get amongst it and be a full-time journalist. Thank God for social media. I was up late last night trawling through Twitter, wondering how the carbon tax would impact our businesses. So I sent a few questions to the team at The Today Show.  Here's what the PM had to say in … [Read more...]