Hundreds came to meet the farmers

Our second ever Kalfresh Carrot Field Day was enormous and a great success. Everyone involved from the Kalfresh side had a brilliant time and judging by the looks on the faces of the visitors I think they did too. While the water theme park for carrots (the washing and packing shed) impressed the visitors, it was without doubt the muddy paddock carrot-picking … [Read more...]

How do they grow?

Come and join us on June 29 for our Carrot Field Day. Meet the farmers, learn how to grow great carrots, sit in the tractors and get muddy in the paddocks as you pick your own carrots. It's a great morning out for families. The cost is $5 for adults or $10 for a family and includes a bag of carrots. Our Field Day runs from 9am to noon at Kalfresh, which is on the … [Read more...]

Rob and Ranger Stacey talk carrots

We welcomed Ranger Stacey and the Totally Wild team to Kalfresh recently. They wanted to compile a story all about carrots. How they're grown, where they originated and the best ways to eat them. They came to the right place. The guys at Kalfresh are nothing if not passionate about carrots. Even today, with just a couple of days to go of the very hectic season, they're … [Read more...]

Big love for our big Christmas carrot

Last Thursday was a big day here at Bean HQ. James, our youngest son, graduated from kindergarten. Next stop school. He wasn't very emotional but for Richard and I it's a big step. No more kindy in our lives. No more daycare. No more ridiculous family schedule juggling (no tears shed about that). The kindy graduation also signifies the beginning of the next phase. The … [Read more...]

Our food future

I'm always banging on about food and where it comes from. Until I met my husband I had no idea how my food was produced and nor did I give it any thought. I just blindly turned up to the supermarket each week and loaded up on my favourites. It's not until you become involved in farming that you realise just how much effort is involved in producing a regular supply of … [Read more...]