Things I’ve learned from reality TV

Reality television is bringing my family closer together. No really, it is. I believe the popular variety shows can teach my boys valuable life lessons. Before you call the welfare officers be assured I’m not talking Big Brother or Beauty and the Geek. But I am proud to say that most Sunday nights I sit on the couch with my boys (big and small) and settle in for some good … [Read more...]

Thermomix: beaten only by Curtis

My foodie porn fantasy dream is to have the delicious Curtis Stone on tap in my kitchen, 24/7. Just for cooking purposes you understand. But in lieu of the lovely Curtis I have the next best thing. I call her my magical miracle machine … Thermie for short. She’s sleek yet solid, dependable and efficient – a quiet achiever. Since her arrival in my kitchen nearly a year ago … [Read more...]

Vanilla, sweet and full of surprises

We have much to thank the television cooking shows for ... Curtis Stone, Matt's cravats, the promotion of fresh food and the rise of relatively unknown ingredients like vanilla bean. Let's be honest, who among you used fresh vanilla beans before the advent of Masterchef, Maggie and MKR? Vanilla essence and I were firm friends. Not any more. I recently interviewed Russell … [Read more...]

Try Linda’s beetroot chocolate cake

Beetroot. It's one of those vegetables we seem to take for granted. Adding a slice of tinned beetroot to your burger used to be as Australian as spreading Vegemite on your toast. But the humble beetroot has been experiencing identity issues of late. It seems tinned beetroot isn't as popular as it once was and subsequently beetroot processors went looking for cost savings. … [Read more...]

I’m in love with the carrot snowman

Finally the humble carrot has received the attention it deserves. So okay, perhaps I'm a touch biased - my husband spends his working days, talking, selling, growing and connecting with carrots. We were very excited when we discovered the final Masterchef challenge in last night's Grand Final was a dish which featured the carrot at its heart (quite literally). Not sure about … [Read more...]