Linton’s midlife crisis good news for Uganda

Linton Brimblecombe jokes that most men his age celebrate mid-life with a new motorbike. This Gatton vegetable farmer marked his 47th year with a move to Uganda, where he is leading a community-farming venture, The Omer Farming Company. Linton and his son Mitchell left for Africa in January and have made quick work of preparing the ground and planting the first crop. Wife … [Read more...]

Marry the man, marry the land

When you marry a farmer you, by default, marry his job. Such is the all-encompassing nature of farming, often it's left to the farmer's wife to tie up loose ends. Balance the books, organise casual staff, help move an irrigator (or irritator depending on how you see them), drive a tractor, pick up spare parts, help in the shearing shed. It's all fair game on the … [Read more...]