Bridging the city country divide

I love meeting farmers who are making an effort to spread the word about how they do what they do. I believe that if their consumers - who are largely city based - understand the challenges of food production they will care enough to buy local and buy Australian. Never has that been more important than in the dairy industry, where the decision to buy cheap $1 no-name milk vs … [Read more...]

This dairy farmer is going it alone

Much has been written about the troubles plaguing the Australian dairy industry. Since the introduction of $1/litre milk in supermarkets, dairy farmers have been going to the wall, unable to remain viable with such low paybacks for their product. The chainstores continue to say they are not responsible for this and that their cheap milk price is not to blame because … [Read more...]

The day we met the milk robots

My knowledge of vegetable production has come a long way since meeting Mr Bean but my knowledge of other aspects of farming isn't so great. Like you I love to pour fresh creamy milk in my morning flat white, but ask me where the milk comes from and what happens to it post-cow and I won't be much help. So during the school holidays I took the opportunity to take the boys … [Read more...]

Ask A Farmer

ARE you trying to grow veggies in your backyard with limited success? Maybe you want to know about where your milk comes from and what happens to it between cow and bottling. Ever wondered what the difference is between white garlic and purple galic? Well do I have the forum for you. My new column, Ask a Farmer, debuted in the Courier Mail's LIFE section today and it's the … [Read more...]

Milking the market but at what cost?

Next time you go shopping for milk keep this in mind - every time you buy a bottle of unbranded milk our dairy farmers are losing 28c. By unbranded I mean the cheap chainstore milk. Dairyfarmers say the supermarket milk discounting has wiped $77-million from the value of annual sales across the nation. They've compared the 2010-11 financial year milk sales to the previous … [Read more...]