Mum & Dad retreat (from the kids)

Last week Mr Bean and I celebrated nine years of wedded bliss. Well most of it has been blissful, some of it not so much. I'm thinking in particular of the past few weeks that he's been unable to walk or drive due to this motorbike accident. So the question we faced was, 'How do we celebrate when one of us is unable to walk?' Why we retreat to the hills and eat good food … [Read more...]

Meet my third child

Women often joke that their husband is their ‘other’ child. As our ninth wedding anniversary approaches I am proud to say I have refrained from making such derogatory comments about my husband, Mr Bean. Most of the time he’s well behaved, well mannered and generally good to have around. Mid last year things began to go downhill. Call it a mid-life crisis, a moment of … [Read more...]

Like father, like son

Our youngest son, James, goes to the local community kindy. As do the sons of two of Mr Bean's vegetable-farmer mates. So it's no surprise that trio gravitate towards each other in the playground. And it's also no surprise that the topic of much of their play is ... farming. Whether it's due to the indoctrination they've had since birth, or it's just because little … [Read more...]

Crashed car. Dad did it. Oops.

I'm not really what you'd call a car person. I drive a nice car but ask me a question about what's under the hood and I'd be in trouble. Ummm ... an engine? Fire me questions about the stereo system (six stacker CD, I-pod connectivity, great sound system), or the cup holders (excellent, will hold jumbo coffee cup and 1litre water bottle) and I'm in my element. So when … [Read more...]