Ross is nuts about pecans

ROSS Burling grew up on a wheat farm just down the road from the Stahmann family’s sprawling pecan orchard, Trawalla. Growing pecans fascinated Ross because it was so very different to Moree’s usual wheat and cotton crops. So when he was 16 Ross started an apprenticeship with the Stahmanns, learning the pecan business from a family who first grew pecans in New Mexico in … [Read more...]

Then the wheels fell off (& mummy had a melt down)

I had it all planned out in my head. It would be close but if we stuck to the timeframes all would be okay. Of course I hadn’t factored in the whims and misbehavior of our five-year-old. Silly mummy. I don’t know about you, but our life is getting crazier by the day. I’ve tried to rein in our extra-curricular activities, every family member is allowed one per term. I think … [Read more...]