Don’t cry for me

The onion pain is nearly over for another year. Onion farmer's wives the world over (well in the Fassifern and Lockyer Valleys at least) are crying tears of joy that the smelly part of the year is nearly done. Queensland has a short but intensive onion season. This year's season has coincided with hotter-than-usual temperatures, making the hand harvesting even more … [Read more...]

Say Onion! Our love is tear inducing.

Did you hear? Some shops and restaurants are trying to ban customers from taking photos while on site. I sure hope the chainstores don’t try it. I have quite a collection of pix snapped in the fresh veg section of various supermarkets. Some women like to send their husbands saucy 'selfies' of themselves in a state of undress. And let's not mention the State MP who likes … [Read more...]

Our onion agony nears an end

A kindred spirit recently posted a photograph of trays and trays of her husband’s beautiful, golden brown onions on her Facebook page. She wrote: ‘And this my friends is what all the fuss has been about. Six months of love, care and attention for these brown onions. May they bring a tear to your eye.’ It had 48 ‘likes’ by the day’s end. Many of the 48 were married to … [Read more...]

Stunning & edible

We've recently had a series of photographs taken for a new business website. No words are required, the photos say it all. Thanks to Drew Chislett for these lovely images, he's a man who understands our passion for veg! … [Read more...]

Prices are down. Sales are up.

Have you been buying Coles' super cheap specials? You're not alone. In the week since the Super Specials were introduced, sales have grown by 886pc in some categories, proving that when it comes to our fresh food price - not necessarily quality - is king. Coles Head of Communications, Jon Church, says the campaign was proving popular with customers and had helped to sell … [Read more...]