Onion harvest = very stressed husband

It's onion harvest time and that means I'm living with a ticking time bomb. His name is Richard and on any given day - depending on the weather, the skill of the onion cutters and the price of the onion market - he may explode. I am a veteran onion wife and know how to avoid causing an explosion. Dead giveaways that it's been a bad day in the onion paddock are - abrupt … [Read more...]

Onion Porn

We're a little bit obsessed passionate about the onion in our house. Our lives are planned around the onion season and the needs of our many millions of baby alliums. So it's no surprise that when I saw this beautiful image of some of the brood my heart gave a little flutter. I just had to share the wonderful work of photographer Drew Chislett. Drew has been shooting a … [Read more...]

With love from one foodie to another

Farmers are many things but one thing is certain - they're passionate about their food. Why else would they rise early, work weekends and into the night growing fresh food. So it's always nice when a farmer meets someone who shares their passion. This week we were visited by a group of young Australian chefs, waiters and restaurateurs. They're finalists in the Electrolux … [Read more...]

Bunking down with broccoli

AS city house blocks shrink, parks are infilled, and stress levels grow, city dwellers are searching for a holiday destination which offers a total escape from their home life hustle. They want to get back to nature, breathe fresh air and enjoy open spaces. Enter the farm stay. Until now the farm stay has often meant being able to pat a few tame house sheep, milk a geriatric … [Read more...]

It’s a jungle out there

ABOUT this time of year our little family explodes from four to 104 ... or there abouts. They say you can choose friends but not family and it is true for us - our part-time family members are a motely crew of people from all walks of life. And like most family relationships it's essential that we remain on good terms with our extended relations - our livelihood depends on … [Read more...]