Thai pines cheaper than Oz grown

Queensland pineapples are now available, but a large QLD grower says suppliers on the East Coast of Australia can’t compete with Thai imports. Gavin Scurr of Pinata Farms says Thai imports are flooding into Western Australia to fill orders, previously supplied by Queensland producers. He says Perth-based importers have identified the lucrative mining market and are importing … [Read more...]

Breaking down misconceptions

Logan food producers are taking their message to Facebook in a bid to overcome misconceptions about how they farm. It’s a common complaint among farmers who operate close to urban sprawl. They say new residents move to the country for the idyllic lifestyle, but don’t fall in love with the reality of farming. There are the early mornings, late nights, noisy machinery, the … [Read more...]

Cutting out the middle man

As mainstream farming becomes larger and more corporate, one Queensland vegetable producer is bucking the trend. Matt Muller and his wife Sarah, are enjoying incredible success selling their produce at a roadside stall at the front of their farm, using an honesty box for payments. The couple, who trade under the brand, Fassifern Valley Produce, sell up to one tonne of … [Read more...]

Sorry, what are you trying to say?

SOME argue that newspapers are not long for this world. They (whoever they may be) says newspapers are outdated, dying and irrelevant. I say, I hope they are not right ... because then we'd miss out on personality-packed coverage like this. Just had to share this morning's Queensland Country Life splash - hmm what is it they're trying to say? That's what I love about the … [Read more...]