Smaller is better for crayfish farmer Rob

Rob Hutchings is a farmer. But his 80ha property in the vegetable heartland of Aratula in the Scenic Rim doesn’t look like most of the local farms. Instead of rows of carrots and beans, it’s dotted with more than 70 small freshwater dams, which produce nearly one-million Red Claw Crayfish each year. Rob is a marine biologist, who first dabbled in crayfish farming while … [Read more...]

Landline celebrates the mighty carrot

We've just hosted our third Kalfresh Carrot Field Day, an event which started as a bit of experiment to see if carrot eaters were interested in coming to see how the orange veg is grown, picked, washed and packed. The first year we held the open day, as part of our local Council's Eat Local Week activities, we were pleasantly surprised by the turnout. The following year … [Read more...]

Revealed! Carrot growing secrets

In the 10 years I've been married to a carrot farmer I have lost count of the number of wonky carrot photographs I've been sent - unsolicited - from friends and colleagues. Their motivation is to share photographic evidence of their carrot-growing attempts. Two-headed carrots, wonky carrots, stunted carrots, kissing carrots, spooning carrots - I've seen them … [Read more...]

School holiday survival 101

It’s started. As you read this we’re on day eight of the school holidays – just 27 days to go (minus the weekends). Not that I’m counting. My sons are thrilled at the prospect of six weeks off school and kindergarten. I wish I could share their joy. Sadly for me – and many other parents – the extended summer break means six weeks of scheduling hell. My husband and I both … [Read more...]