Have campervan, will travel

If you've ever been stuck behind a slow caravan on a narrow country road with limited overtaking opportunities then spare a thought for me this week. Our little country town has been invaded by small army of grey nomads - more than 2000 of them. That's 1100 campervans and motorhomes on our roads. Few things in life are guaranteed, but this week you can be sure that whichever … [Read more...]

When I was young … what’s your story?

‘WHEN I was a young girl ... ’ It’s a favourite catchcry of older generations who love to share stories of how things were when they were growing up. I still remember my grandfather telling me tales of life in Egypt, where he spent the first 35-or-so years of his life, before migrating with his young family to Sydney Australia. Sadly I didn't pay anywhere near enough … [Read more...]