Why are our priorities so askew?

Do you ever line up at the supermarket checkout and have a sticky beak at what other people are buying? I do. All the time. I also loiter around the fruit and vegetable section, just observing how people go about choosing what they'll buy. Call it a farmer's wife occupational hazard. What often irks me is how much processed, high-sugar, pre-packaged, 'convenience' … [Read more...]

Mangoes: You paid how much?!

Mango season is here, which means the 'how much did you pay' debate has also started. I'm not sure why mango prices are such a hot topic of discussion among fruit-loving consumers. I guess it's kicked off by the annual start of season auction for a tray of mangoes. This hallowed tray can fetch upwards of $70,000 (which goes to charity) so maybe it's this event which sets the … [Read more...]

Ahh holidays …

We're enjoying a well-earned Easter holiday. We've kept it low-key this year, moving from the beach to the pool and back to the beach. Alex has been doing a holiday soccer camp which he's been loving. So much so he signed up for a second week. David Beckham watch out. Mr Bean has spent many hours loitering in the F&V section of various supermarkets, fonding the … [Read more...]

Shopping, veg and Black Caviar

Mr Bean and I escaped to Melbourne last weekend for one of our first child-free breaks ... EVER. I would have been perfectly happy to shop, eat and drink all weekend but Mr Bean had other ideas ... it was vital he inspect the southern state's vegetables. 'You know darling, I'm pretty sure there's a reason Tourism Victoria don't promote vegetable farm tours as the 'must … [Read more...]

If shopping were a sport I’d win gold

Those who know me well - my husband, my accountant, my bank - will agree, I am a woman who loves to shop. It's genetic, I hail from a long line (well one - my mother) of keen shoppers. The rise of online selling has fuelled my addiction passion, I love nothing better than the thrill of the chase as I go bid for bid against a mystery shopper on Ebay. Living in a small … [Read more...]