Here’s a cracking QLD condiment

As you sprinkle pepper over your dinner have you ever thought about where it came from and who grew it? Chances are your pepper has travelled a long way to your dinner table, with the bulk of commercial pepper grown in India and Vietnam. But there’s a family in Far North QLD, which has cracked the local market. Since the mid 1980s the Campagnolo family has carved a … [Read more...]

Live cattle exports explained

The growing divide between city and country is often talked about. It used to be that many of us had a 'country cousin' who provided an insight into the challenges and benefits of life on the land. But over time that connection diminished and some country residents expressed disappointment that their work on the land was taken for granted by those in the city, the very … [Read more...]

Mangoes: You paid how much?!

Mango season is here, which means the 'how much did you pay' debate has also started. I'm not sure why mango prices are such a hot topic of discussion among fruit-loving consumers. I guess it's kicked off by the annual start of season auction for a tray of mangoes. This hallowed tray can fetch upwards of $70,000 (which goes to charity) so maybe it's this event which sets the … [Read more...]

Meet our Young Farmer of the Year

Here's  story close the heart of my husband - and I suspect many Aussie blokes. Nigel Corish was recently named Australian Young Farmer of the Year. As well as growing thousands of hectares of cotton he also grows the barley used to make some of the Australia's more popular beers. Find out more about Nigel and his approach to farming in today's Sunday Mail. The … [Read more...]

All hail for Kale

If you haven't heard about Kale and it's incredible health properties then I'm not sure where you've been these past couple of years. Every time I log onto Facebook or scan Instagram someone has posted a photo of their latest green smoothie, juice or salad which features Kale as the key ingreidient. I was keen to speak to someone who grows Kale and found father and son … [Read more...]