Are you stronger than a Deere?

After carrots and onions, the next favourite topic of conversation here at Bean HQ is tractors. So when someone suggested we be part of a Tractor Pull at the upcoming Scenic Rim Winter Harvest Festival the answer was a resounding and enthusiastic YES! The Winter Harvest Festival is being held on June 29 at the Aratula Community Centre and will be a real celebration of all … [Read more...]

Man messages are all-revealing

Once a week I sit down and take a stroll through my husband's mobile phone messages. Don't worry, I'm not trying to catch him out. I promise I'm not a crazy, jealous wife. My mobile investigations are a journey of discovery. You see my husband - like many others - ain't great on the communication front. My 'How was your day dear?' is usually met with his tired, 'Not … [Read more...]

Like father, like son

Our youngest son, James, goes to the local community kindy. As do the sons of two of Mr Bean's vegetable-farmer mates. So it's no surprise that trio gravitate towards each other in the playground. And it's also no surprise that the topic of much of their play is ... farming. Whether it's due to the indoctrination they've had since birth, or it's just because little … [Read more...]

Stunning & edible

We've recently had a series of photographs taken for a new business website. No words are required, the photos say it all. Thanks to Drew Chislett for these lovely images, he's a man who understands our passion for veg! … [Read more...]

My husband’s in love with a tractor

FOR a vegetable farmer, the only view better than a paddock of healthy carrots is one which includes a tractor. When I lived at Main Beach on the Gold Coast – it seems a lifetime ago – there used to be a fellow who regularly caught my eye. He drove an ageing Ferrari (bright red) and always sought to park the love of his life outside whichever café he was posing at that … [Read more...]