Food for Thought

You may have thousands of Facebook friends but do you have true connections? Do you have real friends who you share real conversations with? This video calls for some serious introspection about the way we are living our lives online. The Innovation of Loneliness from Shimi Cohen on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

We’ve joined the Twits, why don’t you try it?

I wrote this for the upcoming Onions Australia publication (is there no end to my commitment to those stinky things?) FARMERS, depending on the season, the market price and the weather, can be an anti-social bunch ... but things are changing for the better. Our social status is on the rise, we’re connected, engaged and we’ve entered the ‘conversation’. That’s the online … [Read more...]

Sowing the seeds of social media

This is the article I wrote for Queensland Country Life about why food producers should be on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. I've convinced my vegetable farmer husband to enter this brave new world (follow him @Farmer_Dick), will I convince you? Modern-day farming may use the latest technology available in the paddock but many have been slow to embrace the … [Read more...]

It’s a jungle online

My son is six. Earlier this year we bought a family iPad and before you could say ‘Gee the Apple store was busy today’ our son had the thing mastered. He was sliding his finger across the screen, minimising, maximising, cutting between Superhero Sports on Iview and Fruit Ninja in the App store. He has been born in a time where technological know-how is not learned – it’s … [Read more...]

Sofa journalism at its best

When you're juggling two kids, a busy husband and a couple of businesses it's a bit hard to get amongst it and be a full-time journalist. Thank God for social media. I was up late last night trawling through Twitter, wondering how the carbon tax would impact our businesses. So I sent a few questions to the team at The Today Show.  Here's what the PM had to say in … [Read more...]