Sink your teeth into a food story

FIFTEEN years ago I met a vegetable farmer from the Scenic Rim. He was one of the first full-time farmers I’d met. Prior to meeting him my only real exposure to farm life had been a school holiday visit to a Moree cotton farm with a school friend. I remember returning from Moree, to my cushy life on the Gold Coast, and exclaiming to my parents, ‘Who would be a farmer? … [Read more...]

Food for thought – looks aren’t everything when it comes to food

Hands up those who fossick through the banana stand at the local supermarket in search of a perfect yellow hand of bananas.  I do it. Same for avocados and apples. It's often said people buy with their eyes and it's true. But the way fresh produce looks doesn't always affect the way it tastes. I don't know whether the Woolworths Odd Bunch campaign, promoting wonky fruit … [Read more...]

Landline celebrates the mighty carrot

We've just hosted our third Kalfresh Carrot Field Day, an event which started as a bit of experiment to see if carrot eaters were interested in coming to see how the orange veg is grown, picked, washed and packed. The first year we held the open day, as part of our local Council's Eat Local Week activities, we were pleasantly surprised by the turnout. The following year … [Read more...]

If I were a carrot …

Have you ever wondered what happens to your food before it reaches your fridge? Or is it just me who does that? A large part of my life is spent writing about the paddock to plate journey and how food and other life essentials make it to us.  It's something we at Kalfresh have been keen to illustrate  so our customers can understand - and hopefully appreciate - what goes … [Read more...]

Are you stronger than a Deere?

After carrots and onions, the next favourite topic of conversation here at Bean HQ is tractors. So when someone suggested we be part of a Tractor Pull at the upcoming Scenic Rim Winter Harvest Festival the answer was a resounding and enthusiastic YES! The Winter Harvest Festival is being held on June 29 at the Aratula Community Centre and will be a real celebration of all … [Read more...]