Food for thought – looks aren’t everything when it comes to food

Hands up those who fossick through the banana stand at the local supermarket in search of a perfect yellow hand of bananas.  I do it. Same for avocados and apples. It's often said people buy with their eyes and it's true. But the way fresh produce looks doesn't always affect the way it tastes. I don't know whether the Woolworths Odd Bunch campaign, promoting wonky fruit … [Read more...]

Woolies farmers take centre stage

Prime Time TV is not the natural habitat for most farmers but Queensland banana farmer Dennis Howe says if it means helping to sell more fresh Australian-grown food he’ll do it. That’s why he agreed to feature in a new farmer-led advertising campaign by Woolworths. Dennis has been farming bananas at Walkamin since 1996. He grew up in the area and was born into farming. His … [Read more...]

Swap you?

Have you got cards 15, 61 and 45? I’ll trade you a 4 for a 24. If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about then you’re lucky enough to have missed the Animal swap cards, offered for ‘free’ with the grocery shop at one of the big two. I – like the supermarket chain – have been stunned and amazed at how engaging the card swap thing has been for my sons and most of their … [Read more...]

Prices are down. Sales are up.

Have you been buying Coles' super cheap specials? You're not alone. In the week since the Super Specials were introduced, sales have grown by 886pc in some categories, proving that when it comes to our fresh food price - not necessarily quality - is king. Coles Head of Communications, Jon Church, says the campaign was proving popular with customers and had helped to sell … [Read more...]

Growers make generous deposits

WHEN you go shopping do you leave the mis-shapen, ugly and slightly damaged fruit and vegetables on the shelf? Do you only select the perfectly round, brightly-coloured oranges? Will you only eat straight carrots? If a banana has a few black marks on its skin do you walk on by? If you answered 'Yes' to these questions then you're not alone. We're a fickle bunch of … [Read more...]