Gold Coast Mums in Profile

If you’re a Gold Coast mum with something interesting to say I’d really love to hear from you. Each Thursday in the Gold Coast Bulletin I profile a Coast mum and her take on a range of issues. I want to know everything, from how you keep it all together, to what you’re serving for dinner, to the best bits of being a mum.

If you’d like to participate please answer the questions below and email your responses to me with a picture of you and your kids (min 1mb).

Read on for the questions.

  1. Name, workplace, job title and job description
  2. How many children do you have, how old are they & what are their names?
  3. How has motherhood changed you and your outlook/focus/priorities in life?
  4. What is the best bit about being a mum?
  5. What’s the hardest bit of being a mum?
  6. What do you miss most about your pre-children life?
  7. As a mum I’m really good at …
  8. As a mum I suck at …
  9. How do you keep it all together?
  10.  What sort of childcare do you utilise?
  11.  Name your favourite kid-friendly Gold Coast Café/restaurant
  12.  Name your favourite GC park
  13.  Name your favourite kid-friendly GC activity
  14. What’s your favourite ‘me time’ experience on the GC?
  15. What are you cooking for dinner tonight?
  16. What are the qualities you most want to pass on to your children?
  17. Favourite/ ‘couldn’t live without’ child-related product?
  18. Favourite GC place to shop for kid stuff?

For working mums

19.  How quickly did you return to work after each child?

20.  Does your workplace provide paid maternity leave? If yes, how long for?

21.  Do you work full-time/part-time/shift-work?

22.  Why have you chosen to keep working?

23.  What is the hardest part of being a working mum?

24.  What is the best part of being a working mum?

25.  Do you have any secrets for balancing work and parenting?

26.  Do you ever suffer ‘the guilts’ about working too much? How do you overcome/rationalise this guilt?

27.  Do you ever contemplate giving up work because it’s too hard to balance work & family?